Your Luminous Inner Wisdom

Activating the Gateway to your soul


Welcome to my Live Workshop on 5/26/2019

Women connecting to their goddess within!

Women coming together is such a powerful shift in the world and an amazing experience. We are connecting with our truest essence of divine selves while being witnessed by our fellow sisters. The empowered, divinely guided and magical women that we are.

I created this live workshop to have a sacred space where we can come together so we can learn and transform. This is place where sacred women can have a place where we can be seen, heard, learn, be inspired and supported. When women come together powerful shifts happen. Seriously! This is a no judgement zone. So let’s stand in our majesty, in our brilliance and share our wisdom.

Let’s talk about soul connections with our luminous inner wisdom and the goddess within.

Save the date:

I will be hosting a live workshop on 5/25/2019 @10:30 location will be either in Queens/Bklyn waiting to see how many women join us for exact location.

This is for women who are ready to take the next step into their awesomeness.

For women who want to let go and release anything that is blocking them from achieving their goals, their dreams , or just the next step.

For women who are willing to honor who they are in the world.

For women who want to take back their power.

For women who want to love themselves again.

For women who want sisterhood. To be seen, heard and witnessed.

For women who want to allow their inner Goddess within to step forward.

For women who want to be empowered.

For women who want deeper connections with their spirituality.

For whatever it is your soul is seeking then this is the workshop for you.

Let's gather together in sacred ceremony for deep connections, aligning your vibration to the next frequency , for huge shifts, magical activation’s and releasing what no longer serves you.

This is a 2 1/2 workshop that will take you on a journey to align you with YOUR truth. Release things that no longer serve you and connect you with your Goddess within.

There will be a light brunch served as well and a small magical gift bag for all the beautiful souls who attend.

All of this goodness for:$44

So of your soul is screaming I'm in!

Then click on the link to sign up!

Hope to see you there Goddesses!!

I’m excited to share this journey with you!

Feel free to email me if you any questions.