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Sandra is an INCREDIBLE Divine channel! Few people channel angels and spirit guides as purely, lovingly, and clearly as Sandra does. Sandra helped me to gain deeper clarity on my purpose, move through fears and limitations that were holding back in lightening speed, and open up to the energy, clarity, knowing, and resources I needed to truly THRIVE in both my life and my business. If you have the opportunity to work with Sandra, jump on it! You will deepen into your life purpose, open to your own divine luminous wisdom, and make your dreams come true! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me Sandra! You are amazing and I am forever grateful.                                                                                

Katelyn Edgar- Intuitive Alchemist  Founder of Angels of Alchemy, Founder of Intuitive Coaching School.


I had the privilege of join Sandra’s Crystal and essential oil course. I absolutely loved it! First off receiving the package of crystals and oils was so much fun. They were wrapped so beautifully.

I enjoyed how she broke down each week and focused on one crystal. I learned so much about how to activate my crystals and receive beautiful messages from them. I loved learning how each of them can be used to support me everyday. I love carrying them around. Combining the crystals and oils made my experience with them heightened.

Sandra’s presence is so loving, warm and inviting. I enjoyed the videos and connecting with her and the other women in the weekly video calls.

Sandra’s wisdom and intuition is so amazing and I can’t wait to see what other courses she creates so I can soak up her beautiful energy and wisdom.

Crystal Pawlus ~Intuitive Mama'hood Coach



Sandra is one of the wisest women I know. Her connection to Spirit is truly unlike any other I've witnessed. When I receive a reading from her, I'm consistently blown away at how deep and insightful and connected they are. Each message is exactly what I need to know, and exactly what my guides wish for me to know. It's truly amazing how someone can know exactly what is in my heart and soul!  Sandra will not only provide you the most beautiful channeled messages you've ever had, but her wisdom will support you in the most amazing ways and your life will be exponentially better for it.  Sandra is an Angel in my life. And I know she will be one in yours.

Gabriela Brunner - Intuitive Advisor & Coach


I have no doubt that Sandra came into my life as part of a bigger plan. My experiences with this beautiful soul has provided me incredible clarity and insight into my own intuition. Her connection to the divine is strong and runs deep. Sandra's approach is realistic and gentle and she will guide you towards your truth. I am so grateful for her wisdom and presence in my life.

Jennifer MacFarlane-


Sandra is incredible magic. She stands so fiercely in a space of truth, that simply being in her presence, you’re invited to do the same. She also serves as a sacred guide, leading those she works with back to the sacred and ancient knowledge about who they are in this world. And, this is not to be discounted though it may seem off-hand, she gives the world’s best bear hugs. My heart yearns for this woman’s hugs often, which is such a gorgeous testament to the healing she brings through her powerful presence alone.


Tyla Fowler           


Sandra is one of the most caring and wise healers I know. She will go to great lengths to extend her gigantic heart to you. Once you experience her love you are never going to be the same. With her incredible abilities she went into my Akashic Records and retrieved information about who I am today and who I used to be to transform my entire reality. She facilitated the giving and receiving of gifts from who I was in a past life that I can use to maximize my current lifetime in pursuit of my greatest dreams and desires and true soul path. The information that she uncovers is amazing in itself but what she does with the information is truly where the magic happens. With her straight-forward approach she tells point blank what you need to know, and what you need to do. The entire time she is relaying this information from Spirit you can feel her love radiating from her entire being. She cares deeply for whoever she is working with, and you can't help but adore and love her so much in return. I feel so much comfort and trust and confidence in my true self when working with Sandra...she has found a loyal friend and customer in me for life!



Rachel Fishman


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Before taking Sandra's Crystals & Oils course, I always used these sacred tools separately & through this course I now know how to use them together & amplify their properties. This journey has opened me up to connect and develop my intuition in a deeper way. So much healing, shifts and guidance. Sandra  explains everything in a way that is very simple and easy to understand. Sandra is a beautiful guide and teacher. 

Karla Mejia Passionate Visionary& Energy Shifter Creator of Goddess Bath Blends