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Activating the Gateway to your soul


Yes! What is your Super power??

We are all born into this world with gifts embedded deep within us. Many of us stay open to unveiling these gifts, while others learn to not notice them  and often enough prevent them from opening. 

These super powers are a gift from the divine creator to help you along in your journey. Every one has a purpose here in the world.  We are given these gifts as beckons to guide us through life. 

You know what these are, those little signals that tell you "hey! wrong way!"  Those messages that come through your dreams to send you little words of wisdom of how certain things can unfold for you, or slight signs of constriction or pain in certain areas in your body that give you signals as to where you are holding certain energies that may need your attention. All of these things are part of your super power. Your intuition!

We all have it. But how we receive this guidance comes through differently for everyone. There is always one signal that is stronger than the rest. Do you know what that is?

The 4 Clairs.

Clairaudience- All hearing

Clairvoyance-All seeing

Clairsentience- All feeling

Claircognizance- All knowing

We are all given these gifts from the divine. How lucky are we! But there is always one that is the strongest!

Do you know which one that is?


Do you trust the guidance you are receiving?

What stops you from not trusting the guidance you are given? 

Do you even  recognize the guidance you are being given?

Can you connect with that guidance easily?

I created this 5 week program to help you figure it out!

Because we are all meant to tap into our divine gifts to share them with the world!

What will this program consist of?

Well  we will first get you connected and reacquainted with your intuition. Meet your divine higher self. Why? well because she rocks for one thing and second she is the one who knows why your here. What your gifts are and what you are capable of and she will guide you in the right direction to living the life you want to lead.

Second we will help you recognize your gifts.  Which one is your main super power. Hone in on that gift.


Thirdly really amplify that gift so you can really create magic in your life. 

We will also tackle what is holding you back from embracing that power?

How does this power want to show up in your life? 

We will receive the clarity that is needed with this power so you can understand the guidance given.

What self- limiting beliefs are you holding on too that need to be released?

What are you bringing from your past experiences and past lives?

We will learn to trust the guidance given, learn to manifest from it and really create infinite possibilities into our lives!

Divine guidance is sacred and full of magic! It is your birthright to have these powers! Open your arms and receive my beautiful sister! 

How will all of this go down? So glad you asked!

This is a 5 week program where we will have sacred ceremonies, activations and rituals, group calls to open you up to this gift that truly belongs to you! and (2) 1:1 30 sessions with me! And there is a VIP for deeper connection, growth and lots of deep transformations. Let's get connected with your soul sister!

Getting grounded in your truth. Connecting with your spiritual team, releasing things that no longer serve you and so much more! 

If this is resonating with you then let's have a clarity session (click below) to discuss it a little further.

Clarity Session

If your ready to take the plunge to owning your super power click on the link below and let's get this party started!

We begin May 15th!

Let's get this party started!