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It all started when...

I said YES!! To my soul's journey. Yay!  My beautiful River Goddess has always known where I needed to be. She has been guiding me to the people I need in my life to bring me here to this exact moment. To being present to my truth and brave for the what is being asked of me. 

In beginning of this journey her presence as one of my spiritual angels and guide was very present. She would help guide me to certain situations in my life. Her wisdom is very powerful and her guidance would really help me dig deep to heal release certain energies that no longer served me. The more I healed myself the more it became apparent  she wanted to facilitate certain ceremonies and channel them through me.  In the beginning it was a little scary because I was unsure of the outcome. Growing up we were taught that spirit was bad and so letting her inside me was scary. Would she leave if I let her in? But my mentor helped me channel her in and she always left when I asked her too.

So I would take time to practice allowing her energies to come within me. Feel the space and then leave. After that I would record myself to hear what messages she had to give me. She would thank me for trusting myself and her for allowing this session to happen. After I started to practice her with other people and she would give them clear guidance on what steps they needed to move forward on their journey. It was and still is really amazing.

The River Goddess explained to me that  I am her divine vessel. In doing this  she can then speak through me and share her divine wisdom with the world. She says that she is here to help beautiful souls to receive messages, action steps, and  guidance that will help them to  bring forth their heart's deepest desires. To open what in still locked within you and help you bring it out into the world. She shares her gifts so that you can step into your magnificent, mystical and transcendent self and share your own magic with the people who you are meant to guide in this world. And because God has asked her too. Which of course is ahhmazing!!

The River Goddess is a beautiful goddess who is ever loving, very compassionate, confident, resilient,  funny and extremely  knowledgeable about rituals and sacred ceremonies. I hope that you can share in her wonderful and loving wisdom in the next few weeks where she will be facilitating ceremonies, meditations and spiritual journeys.  Namaste sister!


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