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Connecting with your true self with the River Goddess 8 week program.

Welcome to this beautiful journey that will unfold in a way that is both magical and enlightening.

Are there certain things in your life that just seem to be resurfacing for you? Are you unable to connect with the true love of your life? Are you holding on to any negative self limiting beliefs or traumas? Are you feeling disconnected with your family and friends? Are you unable to make the money in your business?  Do you feel as if you are being weighed down by some heavy energy and not sure exactly what that is?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then this might be the program for you!

I was guided to create this program with the river goddess where she will take you through a transformational journey for the next eight weeks where we really dive deep to the root of the causes that can be hindering you from moving forward in the things you want in your life! 

The river goddess is one of my magical guiding spirit who has broken this journey into sections! 

Section One:

We will connect to your divine self. This journey is where she will take you to your truth. Connection with your higher self. Why are you here? What is your purpose? She gives you this divine connection to help you through your life.

Section Two:

This is the Release section. This is where she will take you by the hand and help you travel to release certain chords, contracts, agreements and energies that need to be cut or transformed. Receiving the blessing in this journey will help you propel you in the right direction to bring in the magic you are seeking in your life. So much release takes place here for you , your ancestors and your timeline. Powerful!!

Section Three:

This is  where we are Reconnecting you to your gifts/purpose/true self. In this section she will focus on what is meant for you. Amplify your spiritual gifts to realign you to your heart's desires ( soulmate, money, abundance, prosperity, spiritual connection, etc )

Section Four:

This section is where we open you up to the prosperity that is meant for you! In this area she will take you through a special meditation to pour money into your energetic space and raise your vibrations so open your arms sister!!  Big shifts happen here!

This 8 week journey is truly transforming you to your truth sister! If this resonates with you then click below to begin! I am excited and honored to be on this journey with you sweet sister! 

If you have any questions please feel free to connect with me via email or PM. 

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