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Monthly Card Readings

Monthly Card Readings

Monthly Card reading.

Yes, monthly card readings. This is a beautiful way to receive divine guidance to help guide you through life month to month. Why card readings? because this is the easiest way for you to receive those messages from the divine. A way where you can follow the guidance with ease and grace. Card readings will you you answer the why, how, what’s next questions you might have. And you get to choose which one is more beneficial to you. There are two types of monthly card readings that you can receive . A monthly email of the card reading for the month for $11 a month or the VIP monthly card reading which for $33 you will to receive a 1:1 session 40 minute card reading and the monthly card reading for the month. Which is a steal! Double guidance for the month!

And you get to choose. Click below to sign up. I’m excited for you beautiful soul!

Magical Monthly Card Readings membership.


Monthly Akashic Energy Clearing

Akashic Monthly energy clearings are so powerful. These clearings allow the Akashic healing guides to go to your energetic space to clear specific energies that are stagnant within your energy field. Removing energies allows you to have a clear path for all of the things that you are ready to embark on.

What can be consider stagnant energies? It can be self limiting beliefs, old judgement’s, negative energy that your holding on too, past lives chords, agreements, attachments, old money stories, love stories, mother wounds, etc. There are so many that can be stuck in your energetic field that you may not be aware of or they show up but you are not sure what to call them. All you know is that you are stuck and this thing keeps repeating itself in your life. Yes, that is a energetic chord that needs to be released.

These monthly sessions will be offered in two ways.

Monthly email Akashic energy clearing where you will receive a group clearing one every month on a specific topic. You will receive this clearing via zoom and a replay via zoom. These Akashic energy clearings could be up to 40 minutes long. This Monthly session is $44.

The VIP Akashic Energy Clearing will be the monthly live group session replay via email and a 1:1 40 minute session session with me for $155. Which normally goes for $333 for an one hour + session.

Best part is you get to choose.

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