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Awaken the Goddess Beta Program


Are ready to own their badassery. Women who are ready to take life by the horns and create the most amazing life ever.

So let me ask you:

Are you aware that you are a life size breathing, walking, talking real life Goddess?

That you have a deep power within you that moves in and out of you to manifest things into your life?

That you can create the life you want by allowing yourself to receive it into your life?

What would it take for you to honor this part of yourself that lives dormant deep within yourself?

I have created a powerful awakening of the Goddesses program that will connect you with your Goddess within.

This beautiful Goddess who has been dormant within you is ready to awaken.

She is ready to help you to :
✨connect you to your divinity
✨connect you with your inner luminous wisdom
✨connect and activate your gifts within and share it with the
✨give you back your power
✨be fully present in your life, with your spouse, children, co-
✨love unconditionally starting with yourself
✨be empowered, to stand in your power, to be seen
✨help you free yourself of judgement's and fear

How many times in your life have you said to yourself

“I feel so disconnected”,
“I want to do these things but I am so overwhelmed”
“I have so much fear about being seen or what will people say about me”
“I just don’t have the time, energy or even the money to do the things I want”
“I just can’t figure it out, it’s too hard”
"I'm just stuck, I can't figure it out"

I get it beautiful soul but this disconnect, these reasons that stop you from taking those big bold steps in your life are the reasons why your Goddess within is laying dormant.

It is time to wake her up and get your life and power back!

You’re Goddess is the way maker. She is the one that will :
🌻help you receive the energy to get you through the day
🌻give you clarity on certain situations in your life
🌻empower you to protect yourself from being dis
🌻co~create the life you want to manifest into reality
🌻awaken your dormant gifts and show you how to use them
🌻make certain things happen and clear the path for you.
🌻show you the HOW’S to creating what you want into
🌻awaken areas of yourself that have been silenced,
forgotten or maligned.
🌻brings unconditional love into your life,
🌻connects you back to your divine feminine
🌻guide you through all of the muck, resistance, reasons and
“but’s” you give to yourself.
🌻allows abundance to flow into your life.

She is the one beautiful soul, that reminds you of the divinity that is you. The reason why God, the divine creator, made you in the lifetime. Your purpose.

So are YOU ready to live your life on your terms? To create those big dreams into reality?
To get your power back?

If so, then come join me I have a created a Beta program called Awaken the Goddess within.
This is a two powerful group sessions where we connect you to your inner Goddess and wake her up!
You also meet 4 other Goddesses who will activate you on a cellular level to really amplify your Goddess frequencies in every aspect of your life. Theses Goddesses will also clear a major resistance that is holding you back in your life from taking those bold leaps into your life.

Since this is a beta program I am offering at a steal of $222. After this first round it will being going up.
What will you receive in these 2 sessions?
You’ll receive
*2 powerful group sessions to activate and awaken the Goddess within one week a part.
*full support via email or messenger with me for 2 weeks.
*Facebook page for support and meet other goddesses
*And if you sign up before October 18th you will receive a free 30 min. 1:1 Akashic Records reading session with me valued at $250.

So if you’re are to commit to yourself. To fully be living, breathing Goddess in human form then sign up! It’s a one time payment of $222 or a payment plan of 2 payments of $125 one week apart.

We begin on October 28th. Send me a PM or click on the link below to begin.

Let's own our badassery Gorgeous Goddess. It's time you own your true identity.

Many blessings. ❤️


Hello, Beautiful goddess!

Awaken the Goddess Beta prgm
Amount at checkout $222.00 USD
Awaken the Goddess Beta Prgm
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$125.00 USD
Every 1 week (x 1)$125.00 USD
Total $250.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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