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Akashic records readings



What on earth is an Akashic Records Reading?? Believe it or not it's the records of your soul. Akashic Records are where you get all the information you seek about your path, your business, your love life or anything that is appearing up in your life. It stores all the reasons on why you may have blocks in your life, why certain things keep showing up over and over again. This is a unique reading that gives you clear and precise information that you seek Everyone's record is different because every life is unique. If you have been lead to this page the next question you should ask yourself" What is it that I truly need to know right now?" The creator has an amazing way of leading you to the answers you seek. There is always a reason why you stumble across something in you life. Are you ready to take a step and learn what it is you need to know? If so then this is a great way to find them.

These are 1:1 sessions for 60 minutes.

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Akashic Energy Clearing:

These sessions are where we connect with your energetic field, your aura and we begin to notice what energies are you are holding on to. Dis- ease causes disease. The body will always hold on to specific energies but it is up to us to release them especially if they are heavy, stagnant and toxic. When we are able to do so when begin to allow this energy to move through us. Positive energy calls in more positive energy and we receive that in all aspects of our lives. But when we continue to receive negative energy and allow to stay within our energetic field then these negative energies begin to affect all aspects of our lives and we allow these energies to attract more evidences of these stagnant and heavy flow that cause us to create roots within specific areas of our energetic field. These roots , chords or attachments always have an story connected to them and we clear them out of your field, your timeline and life. Nothings is ever lost simply transmuted. Hugh shifts begin to happen. Healing occurs and you clear your path for beautiful and amazing things to appear into your life.

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