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Open your Path Candle and Bath Combo


Open your Path Candle and Bath Combo


This is a custom made product that is created just for you.

What are you opening yourself up for? What are you ready to say Yes! Too?
Sometimes in life you need to activate certain frequencies to allow the infinite possibilities to come in. I've created this amazing spiritual bath and candle combo to help you "Open your Path" to what your soul is craving to manifest.
What do you need to release or what energies do you need to break to allow the flow of abundance to come into your direction?
All this magic is ready to flow in your direction so let's "Open your Path" to the unicorn magic that wants to show up in your life. The power of spiritual baths and candles is truly powerful and amazing. Calling in what you want while releasing what you ready to let go. A beautiful way to honor yourself and your self care. If your ready to allow this transformations into your life then let's talk about it. These are all custom made order and each combo is unique and specific to what you want to create or bring into your life. There is also a VIP where we go deep in a spiritual reading to receive clear and precise action steps to what is ready to come into your life. So are you ready to receive this truly special and magical gift for yourself and your path?

Let the alchemy unfold into your life!
Sending you many blessings! ❤

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