Luminous Inner Wisdom

Activating the Gateway to your soul


3 Month Program Awaken the Soul within.

My 3 Month program is for people who are ready to Activate their super power and go deep intuitively and spiritually. 

Hey Beautiful soul!  Yes, YOU!!  Are you feeling overwhelmed? Feeling as if there is not enough time in the day to complete all the things you want to do today? Not quite sure what your spiritual gifts are? Do you feel as if your self- sabatoging yourself over and over again? Aren't bringing in the prosperity you know that you are meant for in this world? Unable to manifest your soul's desire? Do you feel anxious and depressed as if you just can't shake things off?  Are you unhappy at your workplace and dream of the day when you can have your own business?  or does your business feel as if it's in a slump and you can't seem to connect with the right clients?  You want to live the life that you always wanted but are unable to achieve it? Want to enhance your spiritual gifts, hone in on your unique gifts and connect into them with ease but you can't? Want to tap into and meet your higher self, your inner wisdom to create the most magical life ever but you feel unsure? If your nodding your head to some or all of of these questions please know that you are not alone!

We all have these questions swirling around in our heads. You know that you were meant for so much more. You know that you were given a divine purpose. But you feel disconnected. I am here to tell you sister that you are magic.  You are meant to live the most extraordinary life ever. To live the life the creator has made for you. Full of magic, abundance , prosperity and surrounded by your soul tribe who will support you, who listen, uplift you, have no judgement’s and they also need you to help them lead the way.  But to get there we must go deep within ourselves to unlock the keys to our divine wisdom,to clear the paths of what is truly holding us back from achieving our dreams, to harness our divine gifts and develop them even further. The more we evolve so does our Higher self , our divine self and so does our purpose in life.

How can you make all of this happen? Simple my Soul sister you have to believe in yourself and Trust that God, the Divine, the Creator, Universe, Source will always has your back. You are being guided in your life to follow your purpose and step into your Inner Luminous Wisdom. your next step to truly becoming that person you are longing to be. Your soul is waiting for you to take this amazing and beautiful step.

The more  we travel on our path in life the more things become crystal clear that you want to follow your dreams, follow your spiritual soul's purpose. You see other's #doingit with ease and often wonder "Why can't I do it?" I'm telling you that you can too. In this life you are a co-creator with the Divine. You just  have to be ready to step into your path and move forward to achieve it. You have to make the magic happen. So ask yourself are YOU ready? Then let's go!

Ready to step into your divine magic, your divine luminous goddess that lives within you? then follow me.

What will you get when working with me?

*deep support in our 1:1  Intuitive Coaching sessions 

*Clearing blocks, past traumas, embodiment of your higher self/inner child

*1 Deep Dive Session (1 1/2 hr session)

*Connection with your divine inner wisdom to create abundance and  prosperity into your life.

*develop your intuitive abilities and expand your connection to the divine. 

*Embodiment rituals and affirmations.

*24 HR access to me via email, and Marco polo.

*and there are some serious surprises!! 

I've created this 3 month program to dig deep and find clarity to all the questions you may have. To help you feel empowered with the gifts of your inner knowing. To help you be connected to your luminous inner wisdom. To release self limiting beliefs, empowering you to bring the magic, abundance and prosperity into your life. While co-create that life you truly deserve. If you are being drawn to this program. And YOU are ready to take the next step.  Then let's take the leap and do this! I am offering a free clarity session so we can go more in depth into these feelings.  


10 Month Program Unleashing the higher wisdom.

I created this 10 month program for people who are ready to step into their divine truth for manifesting love, alchemy, prosperity and abundance in ALL aspects of your life.  Big Time!! Traveling through my own spiritual journey the deeper I traveled into my soul the more I opened myself to become my higher priestess/warrior. It is truly Magical! Connecting with your higher priestess/warrior is that beautiful guidance that lives deep within your soul. It is already a part of you in your DNA and it wants to help you live the most extraordinary life possible.  You are the creator of your life! YOU! Co~creating with  the Divine who  has been waiting for you to fulfill your soul's purpose. If you were looking for a sign this is it my friend!  This is the time where we really do the deep soul work of clearing out self limiting beliefs , blocks that appear and reappear, activating our deepest desires and taking the steps to achieving them. This is where we kick the door open to all that is already aligned for you! And step into the embodiment of the higher priestess/ warrior that is divinely you!

Whether you are just beginning your journey or are trying to step into the next level of your spirituality then this is the program for you. When you decide that you are truly ready to step into this journey fully and honestly to dig deep into your soul work transformations happen. The higher priestess/warrior is not for everyone. It’s not. It’s is for those beautiful souls who are ready to fully embody it, to step into receiving all the gifts, and power that it provides into your life co~creating with the divine creator. She knows why you are here sweet sister. What steps to take, what to release and how by also working with Mother Earth you can open yourself up to sheer alchemy in your life.  So are you ready to change your life??

What will you get by working with me ?

* 10 months of soul work through 1:1 sessions with me. Yup! Holding your hand all the way! 

*A Deep dive session where we get to really dig deep to discover exactly what's your soul's life  purpose.

*You will learn to open yourself up to receiving listen, trusting and follow your intuition. Learn what is your super power. Remove self limiting beliefs, chords, attachments and clear blocks in your life.

*Learn how to open the channels for alchemy to come into your life.

*Understand and develop your spiritual gifts and abilities. I mean really amplify them. And learn how to call in your soul tribe and soul mate clients.

*Meet your Higher self your higher priestess who will show you the way.

*Manifest magic into your life and expand your capacity to receive all that is meant for you, your business and family.

*2- Guest coaches!! These are some amazing women who you will meet to transform your life and /or business! For real!! Massive magic bombs here!

*Receive channeled messages and guidance from your spirit guides and angels on certain steps you need to take to move forward on the path of your dreams and goals.

*Learn who is on your spiritual team and why they walk with you in this lifetime and their purpose.

* Deep connection with Mother Earth.

*Learn to do rituals that can support you on your journey.

*Learn how to clear energy and raise your vibration to receive infinite possibilities, transformations, expand your capacity to receive and allow abundance into your life.

*24 HR access to me via email, and Marco polo.

* And a whole lot of surprises in store for you!

This program is for amazing women who are ready to step into their higher priestess, for women  who need and want guidance along the way, a mentor, a safe container to dive deep and the ultimate support to truly make leaps and bounds in their personal life and business . If this 10 month  program resonates with you and all angel signs say "work with her!!" then send me a personal message so we can schedule a free clarity call


Akashic Records Prosperity Journey:

An Akashic Records Prosperity Journey?? What the heck is that? Well beautiful, what a prosperity  journey is that it takes a deep look at your money, your clients, past, present and future, your business, and where you have these money blocks and there is still so much more.  

Do you keep asking yourself:

*What is keeping me from receiving and my money?

*What money blocks are present?

* Why is the flow of money not coming with ease and grace?

*Who are my soul mate client's?

* What does my business look like?

* How can my business be more effective?

This Prosperity journey takes you through your soul's past, present and future lives.  We get detailed  information on why these blocks are be present. We learn how to clear them. We learn  what is the truth about your business, your soul mate clients and your soul's path. This gives us a full view of what it truly looks like so if your ready to jump start your abundance in your life and your tired that it doesn't show up with ease and grace. Then this my sister is the journey for you! Let's dig deep into your money story and clear out the things that are blocking your monies  flow into your life. Let's learn exactly what your business looks like and make it into reality.

Take the leap my love! It's going to be such an eye opening ride!

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