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Crystal and Essential oils 6 week program


Welcome to my 6 week Crystal and Essential oils program.

I remember when as a young child I would walk through the park and always collect a rock or two. A habit I still do today I might add. Same thing with seashells. I have several collections in jars. I just keep adding to it. Never realizing that my soul was simply remembering what she was use to doing on a regular basis. This is a part of who I am and it lives in my DNA. This is the beginning of a magical journey ahead!

Crystals are such amazing souls. Yes, I said it souls! They have a purpose In the world. Some are used in many of items we use today. Such as the glass face of a watch. These are really a crystal that has been thinned and highly polished. I bet you'll look at your watch with more love knowing a crystal is supporting you in some way on a regular basis. Isn't that amazing?

Crystals have a way of amplifying the energies around, or clearing them if and when it is necessary. They can tell you what is needed in your life or what steps to take next. All you have to do is to be open to receiving that guidance. They are simply magical in every way.

I personally use crystals in my sacred daily routines, in prayers, meditations and a few other things. I keep several of them in my sacred space or in my pocket .I know some beautiful souls who keep it in their bras.  I also create intuitive crystal mala's and reiki infused crystal bracelets to name a few things that help incorporate these powerful frequencies to fuse into your energetic space. The energies that derive from the crystals are very powerful and have high vibrations to them. Carrying a crystal can bring those energies into your aura and help manifest certain desires into reality.

Every crystal has a mission. I have created  this 6 week program level I to teach you about 6 particular crystals and 3 specific essential oils. ( another one of my favorites )  how you can use them to clear certain energies, bring in certain vibrations, frequencies and amplify these energies of love, abundance, prosperity and balance to name a few into your life.

What will this program consist of:
*6 weekly instructional videos
*6 weekly live workshops and Q&A's
*Your own personal crystal kit
*3 Essential oils from Doterra to help you on your journey and amplify certain crystals energies

Essential oils are quick and powerful in helping you receive or amplify certain energies into your energetic space. Truly magical!

Together, Crystals and essential oils are a powerful combination. Seriously! They are a true powerhouse together. MAGIC!!

What will you receive in this program:

*24 hour email and messaging with me
*learn what each personally selected crystal is for and how to use them in your life and\or business
*how to charge and clear them.
*using crystals with the essential oils
* learn how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday daily routine
*and so much more!
*Bonus 1:1 30 min free session with me (value $175) to help you in your crystal and essential oil journey to create the magic you want in your life!

All of this for $555 or $600 for a payment plan.

Contact me for more information or have a question then let me know!

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