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I see you Goddess

photo credit Aimee Stewart

photo credit Aimee Stewart


Awaken the goddess within Sisterhood 5 month program.

The path of the Goddess

Whenever I say this I imagine some people rolling their eyes saying Really? Haha. I laugh each and every time.

The path of the Goddess is for women who are sick and tired of believing that they are just average normal human beings because quite frankly my dear you are not JUST an ordinary ”average” “ normal” human being. Nope. You are a Goddess. Divine feminine. The beauty that God the divine creator created you to be.

Let’s think about this. You are a powerful creator. You can manifest things into your life if and when you want to. You love deeply, care deeply, protect fiercely. You can create life within your womb and nurture it once it’s born. You create projects, programs and the like into the world as well. When you set your mind to something you make it happen. You love deeply and exist loudly.

But somewhere while you were a child you lived in the moment. You saw past your physical reality. You were a rebel. You wanted to do things yourself. You fell and you simply just got up and tried again. Ms. Independent. Let me figure it out for myself please! You were your free authentic self. You lived past your boundaries or at least you tried. LOL. You never allowed someone to dim your light. You would face the sun, close your eyes and out stretched your arms and twirl non stop with the sun giving you life and the feeling the wind under your arms. You were magic! Your goddess fully awakened fully loving every moment in your life.

And soon as you have gotten a little older and were told you just can’t do those things anymore. You were semi forced to “conform” to what is expected of a young lady. You know those things that apparently make us nice, prim and proper. Whatever the heck that is. And slowly your goddess with began to dim her light. Slowly you placed these invisible shackles on her that she is currently now in deep slumber  just waiting for the day that you will wake her up again.

But guess what??!!  That day is today! YESSS!!!

Let’s be free of the unnecessary shackles and weight that does not serve us beautiful soul!

Let me ask you:

Are you tired of being sick and tired?

Are you exhausted and don’t have enough energy to spare?

Are you tired of watching other people do ”IT” but you can’t?

Tired of people throwing their judgement’s your way?

Tired of being angry?

Tired of hiding who you truly are for fear of what others might think? 

Tired of going around in circle and still having no clue what to do next or where to go?

Tired of your own crap?

Tired of procrastination, beating yourself up, angry at your choices?

Tired of not getting the money you deserve?

Tired of your business not being where it should be?

Then let me ask you this:

 What would it take for you to love every single part of yourself?

What would it take for others to love you fully and authentically?

What would it take for you to feel alive and fulfilled?

What would it take for you to be present for yourself and your family?

What would it take for you to stop feeling tired and overwhelmed?

What would it take for you to be still and  for you to allow yourself to simply 


What would it take for you to have a thriving and successful business?

What would it take for abundance to flow into your life with ease?

My next  question for you beautiful soul is this: Are you ready to re-commit to yourself? 

If so, then come join me in my 5 Month program Awaken the Goddess within.

Yes, a 5 month sisterhood to be exact!

Why a 5 month sisterhood?

Because beautiful soul sister for you to get to where you see yourself living your biggest dreams it requires you to be in a sacred container to hold you as you travel through this journey.

Let me hold your hand on this journey.

Let me walk alongside you on this journey.

Let me hold this sacred container so you can shed all of the things that no longer serve you.

Let me hold space so you can be free of the invisible shackles that have been placed on your divine goddess within.

Let me help you unlock the flow of abundance into your life and your business.

Let me help you open yourself up to unconditional love.

These invisible shackles represent :

*old traumas



*unloved parts of yourself

*self limiting beliefs

*and so much more.

Let me walk this journey with you to free you of these shackles. These judgement’s, wounds, traumas whatever these shackles represent for you in an unconditional loving, non judgemental , and magical container with sisters who will support, inspire and love you in your vulnerability and rawness. It’s a beautiful thing when women come together. Huge shifts happen.

Let’s awaken the goddess within. This beautiful divine being that God has created you to be. Let her show you the way. The reason you were created, the strength that lives inside of you, this unconditional loving being that is TOTALLY you!

Let’s awaken your gifts, your passions, your magic and own them. Walk this world with the full knowing of who you are , never allowing anyone to disrupt your life unless you want them too. You get to pick and choose how you want to walk  on this earth. In this lifetime. 

YOU! Create the life you want, the job you want, the business you want, the family life that you want, the love that you want. WHATEVER that is for you! It is calling your soul to awaken

Goddess you deserve let me repeat that DESERVE to live your best life. You do!

Stop selling yourself short.

Stop with the excuses.

Stop telling yourself your not enough.

Stop telling yourself that it’s not meant for you.

Stop creating reasons why you can’t do this or that.

You. YOU deserve to love yourself deeply and unconditionally. Just as much if not more than you love your loved one’s. Yup! That deep love.

Please remember that an empty cup of water can NOT refill other cups if it’s empty. It’s not possible. It can’t.

SO let’s fill up our vessel. Let’s refill your cup.

Come join me on the journey of Awaken the Goddess within sisterhood 5 month program.

If you said yes to any part of this post know that your soul is trying to get your attention. 

I hope you choose yourself beautiful soul. I hope you allow yourself to bloom into your greatness as you are guided to be. Let’s remove these invisible shackles. Let’s live loudly, magically in the life that our heart desires.

If your guided for more information then DM me sweet soul sister, I can’t wait to hear from you.

Sending you as always many blessings.